We have decades of experience pairing clients from a tremendous range of industries with the datasets and databases that open up doors into productive new markets.

We can scale and customize our Managed Data solutions for any kind of client, from Fortune 500 companies to brand-new start-ups. Our catalogue of lists is sourced from 49 countries on 5 continents, and offers a variety of purchasing, renting and leasing options.

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Title Universe
Austria Consumer Database 3,300,000
Austria eGENTIC Database 326,500
Belgium AdSalsa List 500,000 Avg. Monthly Hotline - 41,000
Belgium Database 10,400,000
Belgium eGENTIC Database 550,000
Brazil AdSalsa List 1,000,000
Canada CHO-WA Herbal Health Supplement Buyers Consumer Mailing List 14,225
Canada IMMUTOL Natural Health Supplement Buyers Consumer Mailing List 28,199
China (Shanghai) Online Wine Buyers Email List 264,327
China Affluent Email List 1,500,758
China Automobile Owners List 9,056,772
China B2C Database 80,000,000
China Business Leaders and Professionals Email List 8,087,015
China Consumer Database 200,000,000
China Credit Card Users Database 15,039,452
China Investors File 1,058,272
China Online Affluent Email List 1,500,758
China Online Wine Buyers Email List 625,411
China Wealthy Households 328,244
Denmark AdSalsa List 303,000
Denmark eGENTIC Database 454,500
EmailCash Taiwan EDM list 501,565
France AdSalsa List 4,400,000
France eGENTIC List 5,000,000
France Health and Household List 173,891,711
Germany eGENTIC List 6,000,000
India Consumer Database 51,000,000
Indonesia Credit Card Holders 1,500,000
Indonesia Lifestyle Database 380,000
Italy AdSalsa List 1,300,000
Italy Consumer File 31,000,000
Italy eGentic List 3,000,000
Japan DRTV List 560,621
Japan Good Life-Good Health Products List 52,937
Malaysia eGENTIC Database 500,000
Malaysia Gold Credit Card owners 376,423
Malaysia Internet Users Email Database 1,200,000
Malaysia Lifestyle Database 450,000
Malaysia Residents Database 15,000,000
Netherlands AdSalsa List 500,000
Netherlands eGENTIC Database 1,800,000
New Zealand Craftmatic Responders List 25,849
Nikkei Japan Computer Magazine Subscribers 48,073
Nikkei Japan Construction Magazine Subscribers 26,891
Philippine Active Consumers Database 80,000
Poland eGENTIC Database 828,728
Portugal eGENTIC Database 600,000
Singapore Consumer TV Subs 400,000
Singapore eGENTIC Database 220,000
Singapore Internet Users Email Database 85,000
South Africa Database 20,000,000
South Africa Reader's Digest Expires List 94,600
South Africa Scratch Card Respondents List 30,965
South Korea eGENTIC Database 150,000
SPAIN - Health Product Buyers List 58,678
Spain AdSalsa List 4,000,000
Spain eGENTIC Database 2,200,000
Sweden AdSalsa Consumer List 300,000; Avg. Monthly Hotline - 25,000
Sweden AdSalsa List 300,000
Sweden eGENTIC Database 1,000,000
Switzerland Business Executives Database 600,000
Switzerland Database 5,600,000
Switzerland eGENTIC Database 270,000
Switzerland eGENTIC Consumer Database 270,000
Taiwan eGENTIC Database 300,000
Thailand Lifestyle Database 1,050,000
Thailand Vehicle Owners Database 3,500,000
Turkey Consumer Email Databases 30,000,000
U.S.A. IMMUTOL Natural Health Supplement Buyers Consumer Mailing List 409,471
U.S.A. CHO-WA Herbal Health Supplement Buyers Consumer Mailing Lis 169,686
United Kingdom AdSalsa List 500,000
United Kingdom eGENTIC Database 4,000,000
Vietnam Affinity (Opt-In) Database 185,000
Vietnam Consumer Lifestyle Database 950,000
Vietnam Employees 600,000

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