We have decades of experience pairing clients from a tremendous range of industries with the datasets and databases that open up doors into productive new markets.

We can scale and customize our Managed Data solutions for any kind of client, from Fortune 500 companies to brand-new start-ups. Our catalogue of lists is sourced from 49 countries on 5 continents, and offers a variety of purchasing, renting and leasing options.

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Title Universe
Banner Ads on HBR China's Weekly e-newsletter 100,000
Business Magazine Subscribers 150,000
China High Income Individuals Database 303,000
China Registered Business Executives 969,271
Global B2B Multi-Channel Database 24,537,109
India B2B File 500,000
Japan Business File 6,884,557
Mexico Business Establishments 4,489,627
Nikkei Japan Architecture Magazine Subscribers 47,105
Nikkei Japan Business Magazine Subscribers 300,159
Nikkei Japan Communication Magazine Subscribers 33,271
Nikkei Japan Design Magazine Subscribers 13,500
Nikkei Japan Drug Information Magazine Subscribers 66,408
Nikkei Japan Ecology Magazine Subscribers 18,813
Nikkei Japan Electronics Design Magazine Subscribers 47,419
Nikkei Japan Healthcare Magazine Subscribers 19,387
Nikkei Japan Home Builder Magazine Subscribers 25,301
Nikkei Japan Information Strategy Magazine Subscribers 20,034
Nikkei Japan Information Systems Magazine Subscribers 41,002
Nikkei Japan Medical Magazine Subscribers 127,175
Nikkei Japan Monozukuri Magazine Subscribers 45,155
Nikkei Japan Network Magazine Subscribers 66,015
Nikkei Japan Personal Computing Magazine Subscribers 300,675
Nikkei Japan Restaurant/Food Service Magazine Subscribers 25,300
Nikkei Japan Solution Business Magazine Subscribers 11,550
Nikkei Japan Venture Magazine Subscribers 86,856
Philippine Corporate Database 400,000
Thailand Business Executives Database 105,000
U.S.A. Interstate Industrial Supply Business Mailing List 320,000
Vietnam Business Database 225,000
Vietnam Business Executives Database 140,000

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