We are America’s longest-running global marketing data solutions company. We have the largest network spanning the direct marketing, promotional marketing, and international data provider industries because it took us nearly 50 years to build it, one respectful relationship at a time.

We provide data sourcing and multi-channel marketing services to B2B and B2C clients who need to execute data-driven campaigns and reach valuable new customers in international markets. Our sophisticated, scalable solutions, data expertise, and ability to execute high performance marketing and promotional campaigns worldwide have made us the secret weapon of industry giants and start-ups alike.

Our services include:
The ACTON proficiencies that give our clients an undeniable advantage include:

The seeds of ACTON were sown in 1968 when Jonathan Lambert launched a small printing and direct mail company in his home state of Nebraska. Jon was a registered Mensa and born entrepreneur who was managing a profitable fleet of lawn mowers by the tender age of 13. His boundless energy, intellectual curiosity, and keen interest in people made him a natural pioneer for the fledgling direct marketing industry.

Over the course of four decades, Jon’s energetic connecting and dogged pursuit of quantifiably measured client profitability fueled his small print company’s rise to international data industry leadership. In fact, by the time he passed away in 2011, the entire data-driven marketing movement bore the fingerprints of ACTON’s founder.

We are committed to continuing Jon’s mission of data innovation and relationship building. We still travel to over 40 countries per year creating new partnerships with the trusted data providers and vendors who will become part of the most reliable, respected, and active data provision network in the world.

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